This is not a gear or review website. But honestly: you can't make photos without a camera, even if it's the camera in your phone. So gear does play a role. 

Fuji X-100 Series

My first love


My first Fuji X-Series camera was the Fuji X-100. I was hooked immediately when the camera came out. Then the second Fuji arrived the X-100S. I traded in my original X-100 to upgrade to what is one of the best cameras to date. 

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Fuji X-E2

My workhorse


The X-E2 is small, portable, has high quality interchangeable lenses and a nice retro-inspired design. But what led me most to change from my full-frame Nikon and later Olympus m4/3 gear to the X-E2 was that I would only have to get used to one set of menus and button layouts. 

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Fuji X-30

My Backup Camera


This is a great camera if you want to have a good quality second body. Or a single small camera for a short trip.

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